sächsische Schweiz sunrise

Workshop Sächsische Schweiz 2023

Workshop Tagebuch

gespensterwald baltic sea


Finally I can check something off my bucket list

moselschleife morning sunrise

Freudenberg & Moselschleife

Germanys famous oldtown of half-timbered houses and the essential riverloop 

waterfall saxon switzerland

Sächsische Schweiz 

Mein Unternehmen ist mehr als ein Job. Darum ist mir wichtig, dass jedes neue Projekt auch zu mir und meinen Werten passt. Denn nur so kann ich die besten Ergebnisse erzielen.

eifel woodland fairytale

Eifel 2021/2022

New Years vacation in the woods

eifel tree lake

Neugrad Eifel 2023

Spring cabin vacation.

tetraeder bottrop

Industrial culture 

When living in the Ruhrpott it's only a matter of time when dive into industrial culture. The Ruhrgebiet offers lots of photogenic places that build the bridge between landscape and architecture. 

burg eltz fog

Burg Eltz & Geierlay

Are Instaposts still worth the visit or should they be avoided?
The public opinion is shifting right now and althought those places enjoy great popularity nowadays (most) photographers  try to avoid them.

sauerland trees light rays

Sauerland 2019

In January 2019 I went on a week end trip to the Sauerland in NRW Germany. What actually was supposed to be a relaxing weekend in Winterwonderland turned out to be  a worthwile photo 

tree snow high venn hohes venn

Sauerland & Hohes Venn 2020/2021

Revisiting the Hautes Fagnes (Hohes Venn) and Sauerland. Photography and hiking in Winter Wonderland

woodland sunset red light

Hof Grafel 2019

Where the path may lead us