winter tree snow hautes fagnes

Winter 2020/2021

Nothing better than hiking through knee deep snow. Winter Wonderland in Hautes Fagnes and Sauerland

rubjerg knude fyr lighthouse denmark

Denmark 2020

This is my first vacation outside of Germany after the high phase of Covid-19. And of course I had to catch up a lot on photography too.

kleiner winterberg sächsische Schweiz elbsandsteingebirge

Sächsische Schweiz

There are few locations in Germany that offer so much photography opportunities as the Sächsische Schweiz. The question is if the weathers plays along.


When living in the Ruhrpott it's only a matter of time when dive into industrial culture. The Ruhrgebiet offers lots of photogenic places that build the bridge between landscape and architecture.

hintersee berchtesgaden ramsau

German Alps 2021

Allgäu and Berchtesgaden in the same month


Freundenberg und Moselschleife

Germanys famous oldtown of half-timbered houses and the essential riverloop

hof grafel

Hof Grafel 2019

Where the path may lead us


Berchtesgaden 2019

"The mountains are calling and I must go!". The last breath of winter captured the landscape in Berchtesgaden and I was there to witness it.

tre cime

Dolomites 2019

I'll catch up on the long planned trip to Cimolais in the Dolomites in early October 2019

Denmark, storm, pier, minimalism, calm

Denmark 2019

In late October 2019 I will travel to my prefered fall destination for the 8th time. Looking foward to spend 10 days in Henne Strand, Denmark

hohes venn hautes fagnes

Hohes Venn & Monschau

By the end of the winter I went for a hike in the Belgium part of the Hautes Fagnes. The conditions were changing ever so quickly from a frosty clear morning to a foggy and moody noon.

Burg Eltz, castle

Burg Eltz & Geierlay

Are Instaposts still worth the visit or should they be avoided?
The public opinion is shifting right now and althought those places enjoy great popularity nowadays (most) photographers  try to avoid them.

PLästerlegge, waterfall, sauerland, winter

Sauerland 2019

In January 2019 I went on a week end trip to the Sauerland in NRW Germany. What actually was supposed to be a relaxing weekend in Winterwonderland turned out to be  a worthwile photo 

iridient, xtrans. x-trans, fujifilm, files, worms, wormy artefacts

RAW conversion with Fujifilm X-Trans files

By using Iridient X-Transformer utility you can enhance the quality of the Fujifilm RAW files and get rid of the wormy artefacts when sharpening in Lightroom.

Chalkidiki 2019

It wasn't planned but it was the best decision that we could make. In May 2019 we did a short term vacation on the peninsula Chalkidiki. Although it wasn't a photography trip in particular, I captured some of the memories with my Fuji camera

henne strand hennestrand beach

Denmark 2018

Almost a decade ago I was introduced to Denmark and I fell in love instantly. Since then I travel there once a year and this vacation became a tradition to cherish and enjoy. I spend my vacation in a region called Henne Strand

Gear, Fujifilm, photography


My first try that went beyond snapping with the camera of my mobile phone started with a bridge camera. In retrospective that was a pretty good decision, as a bridge camera offered me a beginner-friendly all-in-one solution...