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My yearly photopraphy and hiking trip to Denmarks north sea cost

Almost a decade ago I was introduced to Denmark and I fell in love instantly. Since then I travel there once a year and this vacation became a tradition to cherish and enjoy. I spend my vacation in a region called Henne Strand, which is located at the North Sea coast in the west of Denmark. 

By end of October, when the sea is rough, the weather is cold and the colours of autumn reach its peak I spend one week on my own in a house right at the sea and in the middle of the stunning dune grass. For this one week it’s just me, a book, a season of a good series and my Fujifilm camera. Apart from mountains, Denmark offers almost everything a landscape photographer (also those who like to shoot architecture) could ask for. You’ll get awesome sunrises and sunsets, a rough sea, wide plains of dune grass, colourful forests, tiny seaports, lakes and country-specific fjords, lighthouses and a lot more.
I start the 7-8 hour drive on Friday evening and my plan is to arrive at blue hour at a certain place in Henne Strand. I’m already enjoying the late night drive, listening to music and taking a nap every 2-3 hours.  In a wide range of sites that I visit during my vacation in Denmark, the first one is always the “Henne Moelle A”. It’s an iconic river that flows right into the sea. The last part of its way into the ocean is accompanied by sandy hills covered in dune grass. 
I developed a certain routine over the years: 

-Night drive and arriving before sunrise
-shooting during blue hour and sunrise
-Breakfast with lots of coffee and (most importantly) a blueberry cake
-having a walk at beach
-moving into the house and light a fire in the wood burning stove 

From the next day on I try to capture every sunrise and sunset, I travel the region and spend almost the whole day hiking and shooting. 
The special flair of the region lies in the fact that it’s both kind of rough and yet silent. For this one week in particular I like to spend time on my own and embracing the silence. There is light for only several hours a day but it almost always comes along with moody and cloudy skies and beautiful colours. Most of the time at this season you’ll have the photography spots for yourself. There is hardly any other human being (yet there is a lot of wildlife) around and you can choose you composition without any consideration towards other photographers or visitors. I already booked my vacation in October next year and I’m looking forward to revisit my beloved places and exploring new ones. 

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filso, henne strand, lake
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henne strand, beach, denmark, sunset
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