At the age of thirtysomething I discovered photography late. Changing life circumstances led to the moment in 2016, when I bought my first credible camera.  Subsequently I succumb to the gear acquisition syndrome. In another separate blog I describe how that went on.
At that time I started hiking and staying outside a lot. Furthermore my children reached an age where they at least at times enjoyed staying in front of a camera. I’m already looking forward to the time, where my kids develop interest in taking a camera in their own hands.

The conditions to start with photography early were actually met. My father has been a technician at Tokina for many years and of course he had an enviable analogue photography equipment. Unfortunately by the time my interest in photography started to develop, his own interest already faded. Today he is indeed an experienced and enthusiastic conversation partner and I think he enjoys talking about new gear and pictures as much as I do.

I prefer landscape photograph, followed by the Industrial culture of my home region.  Furthermore I like being outside hiking in the woods, in the mountains or by the sea. I enjoy the calmness and the fact that you can take your time while taking pictures. Have you ever done a long exposure photography session? It’s a great feeling to press the shutter release and sit down and enjoy the view while the camera is doing its job for about 30 seconds to several minutes.

There is one person in particular who has much influence on how I shoot landscape pictures. In his Youtube videos and in his eBook Thomas Heaton very honestly and convincingly describes why he is a landscape and travel photographer and talks about how it feels to be someone who enjoys shooting alone in the nature. And I do agree a 100%.
In the future I want to participate on a guided photography trip. Spending time among other photographers that share the same passion and learn from professionals and their craftsmanship to enhance my photography skills seems like a very pleasing idea to me. A thing that was appealing to me was teaching people. It's a skill I developed over many years and it is my whish to start leading workshop one day by myself.

When it comes to choosing a location the following applies to me: Mountains and woods before sea.
And here complies my paternal origin. My family comes from a region in Italy called Friaul. It’s the southern part of the dolomites.  Our home village lies right in the middle of a nature reserve and is surrounded by mountains and woods. I’m looking forward to visit this area in the near future and I’m already excited about the pictures that will be taken.


Auf Wanderwegen zur Fotografie 

Sandro Fabris, der 2022 das erste Mal bei uns im Fotokurs-Programm war, wird auch 2023 wieder dabei sein – und dieser Artikel ist für alle, die ihn noch nicht kennen. Wir haben ihn darum gebeten, einmal grob zu umreißen, was ihn als Fotografen eigentlich ausmacht. Seine “grob umrissene” Antwort ließ sich so Fotografie-Begeisterungs-ansteckend lesen, dass wir Euch das nicht vorenthalten wollen. Lest und lernt Sandro Fabris kennen 


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... It took a while to realize that photography would lead me to places I had never been before. But after that, I would find myself outside whenever I could... ( Sandro Fabris / @cimolian_
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