hut sunlight beach henne strand

Henne Strand Winter 2023/2024

New Years photography trip

refelction henne strand sunset beach portrait

Henne Strand 2023

Father & son trip

long exposure henne mölle a henne strand

Denmark 2022

Family vacation in springtime

sunset henne strand denmark

Henne Strand 2021

Revisiting my favourite locations and shooting in different conditions 

rubjerg knude fyr

Denmark 2020

This is my first vacation outside of Germany after the high phase of Covid-19. And of course I had to catch up a lot on photography too. 

storm pier ringköbing

Denmark 2019

In late October 2019 I will travel to my prefered fall destination for the 8th time. Looking foward to spend 10 days in Henne Strand, Denmark 

henne strand beach storm clouds

Denmark 2018

Almost a decade ago I was introduced to Denmark and I fell in love instantly. Since then I travel there once a year and this vacation became a tradition to cherish and enjoy. I spend my vacation in a region called Henne Strand